How do I find the Sanford Farmers Market?

The market is located in Magnolia Square on 1st Street, 150 E. 1st St.

What forms of payment are accepted at the Market ?

All vendors accept cash. Some vendors also have Electronic card reader which can be used for direct purchase from the vendor using a credit card.

Who is the contact I speak to in order to have a stand at the Sanford Farmers Market ?

We accept vendor applications all year long. The vendor application can be found here. All applications are put up for review and consideration by the Market manager and each applicant will receive a response and more information. Vendor space at the Market is limited and all vendors are required to fit the producer criteria and are subject to inspection. Specific questions can be directed to the Market Manager.

What is the parking availability ?

There is parking across the street, all around the Square. There is also some street parking along the streets leading into the Square.

When is the Market held ?

The Sanford Farmers Market is open only on Saturdays from 10AM until 3PM.

Can I bring my pet to the market?

Pets are allowed at Sanford Farmers Market

We ask that dog owners abide by these six rules to make a pet’s visit to the market a good experience for everyone:

Dogs must be kept on a short leash.
Dogs must be under control and by the owner’s side at all times.
Keep dogs away from produce, plants, and other food products.
Dogs must be friendly with other dogs and children to earn the right to be at the market.
Be considerate—not everyone loves dogs and some customers are allergic to animals.
Don’t forget to clean up after your dog!
SFM management reserves the right to request that owners remove pets from the market.

Are there restrooms there?

There’s not restrooms, some restaurants adjacent to the market area have restrooms but vendors and customer need to ask first if it is possible to make use of the premises.

Does the market host special events?


Is the Farmers Market open if it rains?

The market is open rain or shine.

Are ATM Machines available at the market?

No. Bank ATM machines are in walking distance from the market.

Is alcohol served at the market?


Is there seating at the market?

Yes.  Seating is available around the area. 

Does the market have a Lost and Found?

Yes. Any lost items may be found could be handled to the market manager, go to the contact page and send a email asking for more information.